Some Colonization/Settlement Questions

For discussion on the most 'core' concepts and ideas for the first version of the SOTE project. This is for absolutely necessary mechanics and ideas that form the backbone of the game.
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Bob Dole
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Some Colonization/Settlement Questions

Post by Bob Dole » Mon Dec 25, 2017 6:51 pm

1. What government forms would a new, independent settlement tend towards, and what would influence that calculation?

2. How would colonization/settlement relate to migration mechanics? Could a pre-existing settlement pull on ties to the mother city/country to get more people?

3. What incentives/disincentives would exist to encourage or discourage a country or culture group in establishing colonies in a small area, similar to how Greece colonized Magna Graecia?

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David Buunk
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Re: Some Colonization/Settlement Questions

Post by David Buunk » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:04 pm

Oh hello, let me answer these, now that I'm tired, bored, and not doing much useful else.

The first thing to understand about government is that you shouldn't think about government forms as things that exist as significant things by themselves. Rather, you'd look to a variety of characteristics and circumstances a government find itself it, and can then apply a government form as a label. The next thing is that government forms are emergent, they are related to society at large and will change as society does.

Then we have to consider how the new, independent settlement came about? Presumably, it was founded by people who came from some where else. That means these people have a culture and technology, and a government form they're used to. That doesn't mean they have to follow exactly or even approximately that government form, consider people fleeing tyrannical government to form a free society. Their movement from where they came from will likely have been organised by someone, who could be their ruler or influence their government form. Then there are local circumstances and needs. The question of why they settled there.

There are so many variables to this that there is no one answer to this.

Colonisation and settlement are things I suppose will be rolled into the migration mechanic. Obviously a newly-found settlement could attract more people from the mother city/country.

If you want to do a Magna Graecia, you would need the circumstances giving rise to the Magna Graecia. That is to say, you need a seafaring people, enough population pressure, and the need to colonise somewhat distant overseas, rather than expand overland. This can be caused by the need to form settlements for trade or resources.
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