Roles for the player

This is for, what the discord lovingly calls, 'top hat beaver' content and ideas. Mechanics that will be used to flesh out the game over the absolute necessary mechanics of the core concepts. Eventually, as the development of the SOTE project continues, things in this forum may move to the 'Core Concepts' forums as things are completed and what were once future ideas become pressing and more important to develop
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Bob Dole
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Roles for the player

Post by Bob Dole » Mon Dec 25, 2017 6:28 pm

So while I assume that countries/societies will be initially the only playable unit, what about other things?

For example, there could be a mode where you play as a faction or estate in a society, interacting with other factions, government, and society as a whole to maximize your factions' power and perhaps even become a sort of grey eminence in the society.

Alternatively, you could play as a deity, influencing the affairs of mortals by changing the geology, causing disasters, etc. in order to maximize your own power or pursue your own side objectives in the world.

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David Buunk
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Re: Roles for the player

Post by David Buunk » Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:10 pm

Playable entities, as now planned, are the leading factions of governments, this can be a national government, or a local government.

And this concept is important to understand. You do not play a society or civilisation, nor are you some sort of god-king. You play a government, with all the limits that comes with. The same, however, goes for your opponents, so you're not left for the vultures.

Playing as some other entity might be a fun project for the more distant future. Think of minority groups in government, other interest groups.

Deities would most certainly be something implemented in a distant future. I think it's too early to decide about playing as a deity.
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